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What I listen to when I'm... Phil Cunningham
The Scotsman, 14th September 2007 (View original article)

MY TWO top things to listen to while I'm driving are an American guitarist called Russ Barenberg, who I've played with on The Transatlantic Sessions and other things over the years. He's a fantastic bluegrass guitar picker - very contemporary trad American sounds.

I also listen to Bruce Hornsby - anything by Bruce Hornsby. Those would be the top two, followed by Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life. I only keep three CDs in my glovebox and that's them.

If I need something to get me through the drudgery of the day, doing the tax returns or whatever, I would probably listen to something classical - Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture, Mozart's Don Giovanni, that kind of thing. Something unobtrusive; light classics.

If I'm looking for something to give me a bit of a lift, the band Flook make good pick-me-up music. Same goes for Michael McGoldrick - his album Wired is one of my favourites.

It's been a long time since I worked out, but recently I've started a walking/running programme - I bought these special Nike shoes that talk to my iPod. When you plug your iPod into iTunes it immediately sends you to the Nike website and it shows you a breakdown of your run. You can race against other people too, so I'm looking for a pensioner so I can take him on and whip his ass!

I tend to listen to Flook while I'm doing my running - again because it's very positive music - quite inspirational, or motivational, if you like.

In the evenings I like to sit outside and have a dram and I always put on Bonnie Raitt, below, or Willie Nelson in the background - great music to unwind to.

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