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Name: Mac Mhic Raonuill    From: Edinburgh
Thoroughly enjoyed your new BBC Scotland's Music.
It was long overdue. You are certainly one of the best traditional music lovers and musicians that I have been privileged to hear over many years now,as a fan of both yourself and Aly Bain.
I may meet up with you some day and share some of my own Keppoch ballads which you might just enjoy too.

Looking forward to next broadcast on Saturday 10 November.

Mac Mhic Raonuill
Added: 05/11/2007

Name: Brenna Johnston    From: Portland Oregon but UK now.
Hey Phil! I had the pleasure of meeting you once at the old East Ave. Tavern in Portland. (I was taking money at the door) I'm going to try to find your BBC show tomorrow night. My husband and I watch you at Hogmanay every year. No one gets out of the room without hearing me shout, "I met him!!!" Take care and best of luck to you.
Added: 05/11/2007

Name: Maureen    From: Dundas
Thought I'd add my appreciation on-line, Phil - great programme and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the series. Even Maureen senior enjoyed it, and, as you know, that's saying something!

Maureen & Maureen
Added: 05/11/2007

Name: Elsa Lemaitre    From: Yarrow
Cogratulations!! I thoroughly enjoyed your programme. If the next five match this standard then you've achieved something really great. Many thanks, Elsa
Added: 04/11/2007

Name: Louise & Duncan Ross    From: currently in Cape Town
Hi Phil
heard about your show on TV but not able to see it down here. Sounds great. Will it be coming out on CD/DVD?
Louise & Duncan
Added: 04/11/2007

Name: Gordon (KOCB) Lawrie    From: Edinburgh
Great show, Phil, and look forward to the next five.

Hope you'll not be too hard on the mid-Atlantic drawlers - they are/were just absorbing a bit of foreign culture.

Good to see you looking well, and best wishes from both of us here.
Added: 03/11/2007

Name: John Stevenson    From: Whitburn West Lothian
Hi Phil

Iíve just watched the show on BBC2 and have to say thank you.

Youíve made a 54 year old man quite tearful but proud Ė (perhaps thank you is strange but I loved it)

Canít wait till next week


Added: 03/11/2007

Name: Andy & Lorna    From: Dundas
Hi Neighbour! We loved the show and are looking forward to next weeks. Hope to see you soon. Lots of love Andy & Lorna xxx
Added: 03/11/2007

Name: Iain Stirling    From: Arbroath

Well done with the site. Do get the shop up in time for Xmas as it makes buying pressies for my folks and friends easy!

All the best

Added: 03/11/2007

Name: John Wallace    From: Who knows....?
Nice looking site...
Added: 03/11/2007

Name: Simon and Frannie    From: Chicago US
Phil, we wanted to do some Christmas shopping at your virtual store....hope it's up and running soon! All the best...
Added: 03/11/2007

Name: Ken Godwin    From: balloch
Hi Phil.
Well done on the new program, I loved it and also it has made me think a bit. I am not great, not even good on guitar but i like to write my wo nsongs as well as play some old scottish tunes. I am changing the way I write songs hopefully after hearing you say about people should write songs about how good scotland is now and not to dwell too much in the past, though the songs should always get sung. I have posted a few of my songs on youtube but not many views. I dont really advertise them. But now, if I can change my writing ways and I think they are good enough I will flaunt myself.
Thanks for the little bit of inspiration.
Added: 03/11/2007

Name: Fraser Watson    From: Dunfermline, Fife
Hi Phil - best of luck with the series (and the website), Frase.
Added: 03/11/2007

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